May 13, 2020

Robotics and Artificial intelligence are two technologies which will encompass and govern our day to day lifestyles in the very near future. Institutions like hospitals and many other commercial establishments have already integrated these technologies into their day to day working and are reporting very positive feedback. Robotics not only increases the efficiency and productivity, but also proves out to the economical option.

Prithvi Robot

Indian households, if we compare from 10-15 years back to today have seen a para dime shift in terms of the amount of reliance on technology. From the washing machine being regarded as a 100% failure when it was initially launched, to being a household name, we have come a long way. 

Robotic Vacuums have also faced some challenges in this field but we are now slowly observing customer realizing its value and potential. Here are some reasons why we think robot vacuums can be really useful in India:

Robot Vacuum Cleaner India

1. Automation

  Robot Cleaners today once set up, can be set to clean at a certain time everyday wherein it automatically leaves the dock vacuums and mops the entire house and gets back to the dock. It does not require any supervision, no one has to stay home because cleaning is to be done and using technologies like Lidar it can work in the dark as well. We at Robot Company bring to you the most modern products with latest technologies. 

2. Flexibility

A robot cleaner is at your service day and night, anytime you accidentally spill something, a few clicks can just have your robot on the job. No need to wait until the next day for the help to come, or to hear any fuss. 

3. Thorough Deep Cleaning Everyday

These Robots are never in a rush (unless of course you want them to be), they never get tired and the best part is that they get in places such as under the bed and sofa where no hands can. They give the most thorough and deep cleansing day in and day out. Robot Company strives to only get you the product we believe in  and which can actually get the job done.

4. Economical

These tiny creatures never ask for things like increments or advance. They over time prove out to be much more economical and efficient. 

5. Peace of Mind

These robots give the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to cleaning. With their all work and no fuss attitude, they never ask for leaves, never come late, never leave before time and always stand by your side.