May 10, 2020

Home Bots such as robot vacuums have gained lots of popularity in the Indian markets in the recent times. These robot vacuums help in automating the daily monotonous chores of a individual, and help make their lives a bit more comfortable. Indian lifestyles can be a bit different from our western friends, here is some factors you should consider before choosing which Robot Vacuum to buy:

  • Features
This is where your cleaning preferences come in. Whether you love to come home to freshly cleaned floors, or you have too much to do over the weekend, the following features might help you identify what you’re looking for in a robot vacuum.
  1. Self-Docking & Self-Charging

    Majority of  robot vacuums come with self-charging functionality - meaning when your robot is running low of power, it will identify how far away the charging unit is and reserve enough power to make it back before it turns off. However, some models come with internal memory during the self-docking procedure that will keep track of where it was up to during its cleaning routine, and once it’s fully charged it will continue right where it left!
    Robot Company India

    2. App Integration

    This is where the magic happens. A wide range of our robot vacuums now come with built-in app integration. This allows you to completely control your robot from your smartphone 24/7 and from absolutely anywhere in the world. Here you can program things like scheduled cleaning, virtual boundaries to prevent your robot from entering restricted areas or going beyond the designated cleaning area, the ability to monitor battery life, check where your robot has been and so much more. If you find yourself out of the house a lot, this is a must-have feature you NEED to consider.

    App Intergration Robot Vacuum

    3. Mopping Feature

    If you’re purchasing a robot vacuum due to poor time management or you don’t want to spend your free time cleaning the floors, then you’ll love to hear that many robots now comes with mopping capabilities! Utilising an innovative electronic water pump and reservoir system, these robots vacuum and mop simultaneously ensuring you truly never have to lift a finger.Mopping Technology Robot Vacuum


    4. Anti-Collision & Stair Safe Technology

    If living in a two-story home or have a lot of fragile objects at ground level, several robots feature anti-collision and anti-fall sensors that protect your belongings and your robot from accidental damage.Robot Vacuum India

     5. Virtual Wall & No-Go Zones

    Rather than building your own barricades out of pillows, chairs and so on, you’ll be pleased to know that many robots come with a virtual wall feature that restricts the robot from entering undesired areas. Depending on the model, this feature can either be a physical wall unit that creates an infrared barrier the robot cannot cross or is solely controlled via your smartphone, which can be taken one-step further with virtual no-go zones.

    6. Mapping Technology

    There are some robots with come up auto mapping and laser guidance technologies, these help create and save a layout of your house. These prove out to be really handy if you want to plan your cleaning and only clean parts of your house on certain days.Robot Vacuum Automation



  • Budget

Budget definitely plays a major role in determining which Robot Vacuum to buy. Robot Vacuum in the current market scenario range from Rs. 17,000 all the way upto Rs. 1,00,000. While the basic concept remains the same, a lot of features and safe guards are added to the premium products. Having a rough idea or an upper limit of how much on wants to spend helps in making this decision by narrowing some of the choices.

Budget Robot Vacuum Cleaners

  • Home Size

Whenever you think ‘home size’, try and see this as a ‘how long will it take me to clean my floors’ point of view. This approach can help you identify the best robot based on their battery life. For example, some robots have a run time of up to 45 minutes, which is perfect for small apartments, units or townhouses. Whereas some offer a run time of up to 90 minutes. Far better equipped to clean medium sized homes or larger surface areas in one sitting. And for larger households there are some having a run time of up to 200 minutes – this robot vacuum can clean your entire home multiple times over on a single charge

      Home size robot vacuum cleaners


      We think if all these factors are taking into account, you can find your perfect home robot for you cleaning needs. 

      Please feel free to get in touch with us for any further help regarding this.