CleanseBot - 3 in 1 UV-C Robotic Sanitizer and Sterilizer

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CleanseBot is the world's ONLY smart bacteria on ANY SURFACE.

  • The CleanseBot will never get stuck in the bed or fall off of a bed. The CleanseBot has 18 smart AI sensors to keep the robot going. 
  • CleanseBot is the world’s first robot which focuses on sensors specifically for materials and fabrics and not simply hardwood or flat surfaces. 
  • The CleanseBot Team has tested the CleanseBot on more than 40 different types of materials and fabrics for sheets and blankets, as well as testing different sizes and shapes of beds, in order to gather and analyze all data and create the best AI and sensors.
  • The CleanseBot wheels are patent-pending technology which can run over any surface. No other technology like this exists.


To sanitize and disinfect any surface, place the handle cover on the CleanseBot and pick it up to clean with ease! It will only use the bottom UV-C lights so your eyes will be protected, and with no mess and no chemicals, it is safe to use around pets and children!  

  Sanitize hotel pillow cases, toilet seats, light switches, bathroom fixtures, TV remotes, and more in Handheld Mode.   

 In your home, you can use CleanseBot to sanitize toys for your children and pets, disinfect messy areas, and sanitize devices like cell phones, keyboards, tablets, and the interior of cars.  

Remove the handle cover and simply place the CleanseBot underneath the blanket on any bed and press the power button once for hand held mode and twice for robot mode. The CleanseBot will use its four UV-C lights to clean in both directions at the same time! Sanitize and disinfect your sheets and blankets simultaneously. The CleanseBot has 18 sensors and smart mapping technology, so it will never fall off the bed or get stuck.  

For the top of the blanket, put the CleanseBot on top of the comforter and turn it on to let it continue sanitizing. It will automatically sense there is nothing above it and only use the lights facing downward. With patented wheel technology, the CleanseBot can climb over any lumps and bumps in blankets and mattresses! 

For Power Bank Mode, use the USB port to power any device.

We have partnered with the Panasonic battery factory to bring you exclusive access to some of the world’s most advanced battery technology. We have integrated Li-ion cells and power management systems into the CleanseBot hardware to give you  a handy portable charger with a 4800 mAh battery to charge all of your devices at lightning speed while you’re on the go.

Panasonic is the world's leader in portable power, and by integrating their leading Li-ion cells and power management systems into Cleansebot's hardware, playtime extends to almost TWICE that of a standard battery. 

The CleanseBot fits easily into all backpacks and every suitcase! It’s only slightly bigger than a cell phone and almost as smart! 

  • We have tested the CleanseBot is tested with an independent third-party testing center, Zhou Institute of Microbiology and the Testing Center of Industrial Microbiology.
  • The test run is called the Sterilization and Disinfection Equipment Disinfection Efficacy Appraisal Test and analyzed the efficacy of the CleanseBot on E. coli 8099.
  • The tests were run using the CleanseBot and recorded at UV-C strength of 1500 mu w/cm2 and UV-C wavelength of 254 nm.
  • The test results show that with only 30 seconds of exposure of UV-C light on the E. coli bacteria, the killing rate was greater than 99.99%. This proves how effective the CleanseBot is!

Smart Robot Is Pocket-sized And Ready For Travel,Meet Your New Best Travel Buddy!

World's First Bacteria Killing Robot
Designed for the way you live. Cleansebot is a new robot that will automatically clean your sheets and kill the bacteria hiding in them. Perfect for Mattresses and Cloth Sofas.

Unique Bed Cleaning Robot
- Perfect for Traveling and staying in hotels, the Cleansebot will ensure the beds you sleep in are bacteria free before you hop in. Prevent get sick from the bacteria in dirty beds and pillows that they stay in while traveling. No longer will this be the case if you use this cleansebot.

Sterilization with UV-C Lights
- The Cleansebot will disinfect and sanitize all hotel surfaces and the UV-C lights on the robot will help prevent the spread of airborne viruses. The robot is filled with 18 sensors, and uses 4 UV-C lights to blast away 99.9% of germs and bacteria on any surface, but most importantly on your bed.

Automatic Cleaning Robot
- Just place the bed cleaning robot on your bed, and turn it on. It will then run around on your bed to clean and sanitize for either 30 or 60 minutes (depending on settings). You can set it and forget it while it does its job under and over your sheets and bedspread.

Easy to Carry
- The cleansebot has a portable size, it easily fits into a bag, purse, or piece of luggage to use and bring with you when you need it the most. The cleansebot has an internal 4800 mAh rechargeable battery which can run for 2 hours per charge.

Input voltage: 5V 1A (maximum)
Sterilization voltage: ≥1000V
Manual sterilization power: 2.1w
Automatic Sterilization power: 3.4A
Battery capacity: 4800mAh
Charging Time: 0.5 hour
Battery life: scan 4 2m beds
Product size: 5 x 16 x 16cm
Package size: 19 x 19 x 7.8cm
Bactericidal Rate: ≥ 99.99%

1 x Cleansebot
1 x Bactericidal Test report
1 x Manual
1 x USB Charging Cable



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